Patching Java for PeopleSoft

Security Updates Not Included! Oracle’s Deployment Package DPK is supposed to deliver all the software required and at the correct versions. However, it appears this isn’t true. PeopleSoft itself is at the current version in the DPK, but all the software it depends on only has the previous quarters security updates applied. This often leaves us vulnerable to some quite serious security flaws. The solution is to apply the patches after applying the DPK.

Creating Test Data

Here are some notes as to how to create test data from real data with SQL. I created a package to do this. It generates SQL statements to mask columns which have personal data, so we don’t end up testing with real peoples data. Here are some things I made it do. The procedure loops through a list of tables which is in a local table. In this case we are selecting across a database link.

GitLab Runner

The Problem Our release process means that we have to refresh test environments on a particular schedule around the date of the release. These dates were put into a confluence page, but we discovered that the problem with this is that if a release is moved we have to change all the refresh dates. Also sometimes projects mean particular environments aren’t refreshed or the schedule is altered slightly. So it ends up that we have to:

Scheduling Tasks in Task Juggler

Last time I showed how I set up a project in TaskJuggler. Now it is time to add in the tasks. Thinking about what I want to achieve, the project goes something like this: The Project Update the operating system on the database server Update the development database server during the patching window. Run a test to make sure it works. This includes People using it during the day.

Manging Projects

One thing I have found terribly dull is project management. This is something we all have to do at times. My example is the quarterly patching from Oracle. We also take the opportunity to do operating system updates at the same time. Thinking about how to do the work, we have a patch window where systems are allowed to be shut down (Given the appropriate change control of course) for maintenance to be done.

Gitlab and Sql Developer

We recently got access to Gitlab. It is rather more user friendly than our previous Gitolite install, and has lots more features. One thing I thought might be useful is to connect SQL developer to it and use the IDE features. The first thing I discovered is that running SQL Developer off a Windows share is a painful business. Also it is likely to be out of date. Installing it locally seems like a good move.

Automated Testing Users

Imagine a situation where a production database is copied to test, and the data scrambled. Our testers want to access the database because they need to find some data to use for testing. The testing is automated. The refresh is automated The scrambling is automated. How do we get the testers the password in a secure fashion? Also, how do we ensure testers don’t just use the test user normally?

Reducing Downtime With Tmadmin

Reducing Downtime I want to reduce down time. Is it possible to clear a cache, or to restart a server without downtime? Tmadmin is provided by Oracle to perform low level tasks and includes this type of functionality. Lets have a look. Purging the cache This can’t be done if cache sharing is enabled, but if it isn’t, it clears the cache for each process one at a time without downtime.